John Shin


Born in South Korea and raised in Utah, John Shin has received Masters of Music in violin performance from the University of Utah.

Since the early years of music making, his passion for chamber music became the number one priority in his music career. Over the years, he has worked with many world-renowned chamber musicians, including: Emerson Quartet, Takać Quartet, Pacifica Quartet, Doric Quartet, Jupiter Quartet, Brentano Quartet, and many more.

As a reputable violinist in Salt Lake City, John continuously collaborates with the musicians of the Utah Symphony, Ballet West, faculty members of various universities, and numerous recording studios; LA East, Funk Studio, Soularium, Counterpoint, and MT Pit.

As recent board member for the Chamber Music Society of Salt Lake City, he has worked extensively with the social media and networking side of the organization. His skill set for using computer software and marketing has been valuable to the society.

Along with the skills mentioned above, John's strongest skill is communication. As a creative thinker and diplomat, he is able to connect people and their ideas together to take initiative. His connection with many musicians and organizations around the Salt Lake City area validates his involvement in the community.